Great Sage

Great sage will reincarnated Chapter 2 Reincarnate.


All the memories prior to reincarnation return at that moment.


Now, let’s talk about me after my incarnation.

My name is Verheim Slaim. At present, I’m five years old.

I’m the third son of Slaim Frontier Count of the Fyr Kingdom.

Since I’m the third son, I’m not going to take over the family, and I’m thinking of seeking independence.

By the way, my stats are as follows.

Name: Verheim (Allen)

Race: Human Race?



Magic: 200,000,000/200,000,000


Defensive Power:1000000

Speed: 1000000

Title:—(Abbreviated) —

Reincarnation is amazing. A lot of things advance while I have returned to lv1.

Now, I’m practicing magic every day to familiarize this body, but I can’t cast advance magic in the yard at home or in the arena.

I wonder if there aren’t any places where I can shoot any amount of magic…

「Master Verheim, your father wants to see you.」

「I understand. Also Vel is fine.」

TN: I don’t know why he says vel is fine but it is literally what is written there

「Father wants to see you, so I’ll be on my way.」

「What is it, father?」

「Vell, you seem to be able to use magic. Tomorrow, I’ll get you a tutor. And I will also assign you a sword tutor as well.」

「Thank you very much!」

In this world, only one in three people can use magic, so those who can use magic are valuable.

Also, the training might take us out of the territorial capital, so we can shoot magic all we want there.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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